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Terry Krohn is a present-day renaissance man.  He has published two widely praised novels, which offer a glimpse into the shadowy world of the moneychangers (his first, Eye of the Pyramid, achieved Amazon bestseller status in December of 2005).  The Phi Beta Kappa graduate has won the most prestigious young author award (RWP King Prize) in 1990 from the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) for his work on electromagnetic scattering from composite materials. Terry L. Krohn holds a BS in Mathematics/Physics and an MS in Mathematics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and has received an MBA from George Mason University as well. Rounding out these accomplishments, Terry has a patent pending related to cell phone technology and is also an expert chess player.

Terry has worked for twenty years as a research scientist in the area of stealth technology. For the last ten years, he has run his own consulting firm in the Washington D.C. area.  He is also a published editorial writer/technical analyst in the area of finance. Terry has created some high-power models for predicting price performance of stocks and bonds, using proprietary techniques usually applied solely to electromagnetic analysis often with amazing accuracy. 

Terry has broad-based skills in scientific research, software development, business and program management, marketing, and, of course, writing.  In addition to his writing career, Terry has founded two companies and has attained national recognition for his scientific work in electromagnetic analysis which includes work for the Star Wars defense system.

According to James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review, Terry's first book,  Eye of the Pyramid is an exciting novel about one man's discoveries leading to the secrets of a 50,000 year-old race, secrets that have been jealously hoarded and corrupted by an influential cabal known as "The Society" to promote their own greed and power-mongering.  The Society's legacy has been corruption through the ages, and shadowy plots from the destruction of the Roman Empire to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to an evil modern-day scheme hinging upon an American leader.  Ancient artifacts hold the key to power beyond imagination in this enthralling and adventurous tale.

In his sequel to Eye of the Pyramid, the story of Power of the Scepter opens with a physicist finding artifacts hidden in a secret room below the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida. The lead character, Dr. Paul Malone, quickly discovers that these artifacts are ancient devices with great power remote-viewing capability and much more.  Responsible for the death of Christ, sponsors of despots such as Adolph Hitler, and existing in secrecy for over two-thousand years, the rulers of the Society are aware of Dr. Malones discovery and they will stop at nothing to get the artifacts for themselves and they have an ally. A mutant, a beast, and a soulless genetic creation, he does the Societys bidding.  His reward? The pain he inflicts on anyone who gets in his way.  Power of the Scepter has a mid-March 2007 launch & shipping date.

Terry has created and holds the proprietary rights to almost fifty thousand lines of software (Maxwell Solver ) in the area of radar cross section and antenna analysis.  During his tenure with GE Aircraft Engines, he was an invited lead author for the Tenth Anniversary Issue of the Leading Edge (GEAEs premier technical publication).  His recent software development has been recognized by the Governor of Virginia.

Sponsored by NSWC Carderock, Terry, developed the Maxwell Solver software under the Navy's SBIR program. He also developed customized software for Northrop Grumman and Sikorsky Aircraft. Partnered with BAE Systems (formerly Lockheed Sanders), he supported the Navy's AMRFS program.  As a research scientist, Terry was the principal EM designer for the Joint Technology Developmental Engine (JTDE) program. He also developed a new method for analyzing the scattering from generalized 3D structures and co-authored the high frequency code, QSP.  As a researcher for the astronautics division of McDonald-Douglas, Terry developed a new technique for analyzing the scattering from wound bodies - composite material construction - in cooperation with the research division. 

In addition to his novels, Terry has also authored numerous technical publications, which include: 

Scattering from Composite Materials: A First Order Model, IEEE APS, Vol. 37, No. 2, February 1989 (Winner RWP King Award) 

A New Technique for Analyzing Radar Scattering from a Class of Composite Materials, Tenth Anniversary Issue of The Leading Edge, Winter 1990/1991

Maxwell Solver Phase II Final Technical Report Computational Physics Incorporated for Naval Surface Warfare Center; Carderock, September 1998

Theory and Users Manual for Quadratic Surface Patch (QSP) Technique, GE Aircraft Engines IRAD Report, 1990



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